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5 Ways to Stay Accountable on Keto

Keeping accountability for your keto actions can be hard. I mean who wants to struggle constantly? The first few weeks on Keto and low carb are the hardest. You are changing your eating habits, and routine. You may be trying to do this in the presence of family, and friends who are not in the process of a lifestyle change. You may be watching people eat the things that you want, or like, or are craving. It is easy to give-in and just go for it, but it is much more satisfying knowing that you made it through a moment of vulnerability. These tips will help you keep your self accountable for your actions and help you make it through a rough day.

Tip Number 1: Keto Pal
Keto Couple Partner Diet
Sometimes having a partner to do a lifestyle change with makes it 10 times easier. It keeps you accountable because then you have someone to discuss meal plans with. You can discuss your weight loss goals with each-other as well as your accomplishments and hardships. It makes it much easier to have someone to talk to who knows what you are doing and having a personal hand in it as well.

Tip Number 2: Journal

This may sound a bit strange, but something I have found that helps me stay accountable for my own actions, is to write it down. This allows you to write your foods, drinks, moods, exercises, goals, gains and losses down in one spot. FOR YOUR EYES ONLY. Having a bad day can be turned around by simply turning pages to see a good day and be able to compare on what you can do differently to improve your days. You can go back in time and see where you started and just how far you’ve come. Being able to trace your steps will help you to keep going forward instead of backwards.

Tip Number 3: Find Something too Small

Don’t go out on a shopping spree buying clothing that doesn’t currently fit you. Just find one pair of jeans, a shirt or a dress that you absolutely love, and want to wear. The best way for this method to keep you accountable is for you to only use sizes that are just a few sizes from you being able to wear. If you are a size 22, find a size 18 and keep those as your accountability pants. This is a great way to keep you accountable for your actions by rewarding yourself in small steps that are huge victories.

Tip Number 4: Make it Social

Everyone has some form of Social Media outlet that they use. Most people have close friends and family attached to their accounts. If you share your progress with these people, it gains the attention of the ones who love and care about you. These people become invested in your story and your success. Keep them updated on your progression, show them pictures, tell them what you’re eating. Who knows, maybe you will motivate another person in your following to pick up and start a journey of their own!

Tip Number 5: Get Active

Now with Keto, in the initial stages of your body changing from carb burning to fat burning, it isn’t required to do physical activities. However, it is healthy to get up, get moving and try new things. You will notice that as you continue to move and do physical activities, you will grow more and more confident in your physical abilities. This could just start out as a short walk on a cool evening, or even light indoor aerobics. The point of this is to keep yourself accountable by testing what your body can do, what you are willing to push yourself to and show yourself strength. The more you test yourself, the more you push yourself.

These are great ways to achieve goals and continue to stay motivated and driven to succeed in your weight loss journey. Becoming more accountable for your actions will drive you to succeed.

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