1 Simple Secret for Delicious Diet Food


Diets. Yuck. Sounds bland, sounds boring, sounds like I’d rather eat nothing. That’s the problem with dieting, you get it in your head that diet food sucks. That you’re not eating what you want to eat, you’re watching your intakes of all three macro groups, and the combinations just do not excite you. When we diet, we ultimately are making sacrifices, tasty sacrifices that might leave you simply hating what is on your plate.

secret delicious dieting diet spices herbs

I must tell you though, if this is you, then you are not alone. The worst thing about a diet is when you’re hungry, you prep and cook your meal, get it on your plate. Then BOOM, no, you don’t even want to take a second bite because you just don’t like what you’re eating. When you feel like you are depriving yourself from flavor, you’re more than likely going to crash, and crash hard. Now, I will say that some people can literally just eat for survival, but 95% of the human population need their food to taste cook.

secret delicious dieting diet spices herbs

Don’t fear flavoring your food. Add those spices baby girl! I am not joking, I season my food until my ancestors tell me to stop. If I am eating chicken for the 97th time this week, I do not want it to taste lifeless. I want my chicken to be paired with its true loves, I want a party on my plate that all the flavors were invited to. I want my food to be a dance floor for turmeric, paprika, salt, pepper, cumin, and everything else under the sun.


That is the real secret to delicious dieting. Just don’t be scared to season your food. If you want tacos, be innovative with it. Make simple chicken breast coated in chili powder, garlic, onion powder, salt, pepper and cumin. Create cilantro lime rice. Neither Cilantro nor Lime will add hardly any calories, carbs or fat to your dish. Along with the power of amazing seasonings, comes the power of fresh herbs and vegetables that can help elevate your dishes to something amazing for your taste buds.  Those eggs that you’re starting to hate, they deserve some flavor. Try adding a tablespoon of yellow onion to the scramble, chives or scallions along with salt pepper and a dash of cayenne pepper.

I really hope that this article helps you along your new way of life, and please remember, DON’T BE SCARED TO USE THOSE DELICIOUS HERBS, SPICES AND VEGETABLES!!

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