Why Lose Weight? What is Your WHY?

Are you wanting to lose weight? Why lose weight? Are you afraid of judgmental eyes and harsh words? Are you currently exercising or dieting or maybe both? Are you staying motivated and driven? Are you doing the right things for your body type and mind? Are you struggling with cravings? Are you unmotivated by the lack of visual results? These are questions that we all ask ourselves when we take up a diet, but typically have a hard time answering them, even to ourselves.

The better way to view your diet, is to view it as a lifestyle change, not a quick fix. The longevity of your health is much more satisfying than any cheat meal or over-indulgence could ever be. Wanting to lose weight can be one of those ‘easier said than done’ things. Wanting to wake up in different skin with different muscles, or maybe an entirely different body altogether. Sometimes we fail to realize that we have to correct our own mistakes. This is one of those times. No one is going to do it for you. No one is going to know what it feels like every morning to look at yourself in a distasteful way. No one is going to drag your ass to reach your OWN goals. They are your goals. OWN THEM.

REASONING. WHAT IS YOUR WHY? Let’s think about why you’re wanting to lose weight. Are you simply unhappy with your physical appearance or are you physically unhealthy with a high BMI? Are you needing to lose just a few pounds, or like myself, lose more than 100 pounds? Are you wanting to lose weight to take your life back from food? What about for your family? To increase the amount of happy memories you can make with them? We all have a reason, some of us have multiple reasons, however, it is very important to pinpoint at least one reason to motivate yourself into achieving your OWN goals. If you haven’t already, take the time to evaluate your reasons for your lifestyle change. Write them down and find a place to put them so you can see them every time you need a little bit of motivation.

I have one in the bathroom; just in case I step on the scale and it isn’t a good reading. I also have one in my kitchen on the left side of my pantry where all the junk foods are. I have one on my car speedometer so if I get the urge to whip into a donut shop for my favorite treat, I have something to look at and to put me in check.

Look within you and search for at least 1 reasoning and write it down on paper. If you don’t want anyone to see it, or you feel silly doing it, write it down and put it somewhere only you will see. Put it in the front of your purse so when you grab for your cash or credit card, its right there staring at you. Let it be your motivation, not your shame.

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