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3 Weight-Loss Suggestions That Keep You Motivated

Weight-loss, health and fitness can be very tiring to navigate. There are so many options on what to do, how to do it and when to do it, that it makes it hard to even want to do it. You build up all this anxiety and awkwardness over something that is supposed to be good for you. However, letting these things pileup on you like the worlds sweatiest dog-pile, isn’t good for you in the long run. Don’t let these things deter you from the goal you have set out to achieve.

I’m going to tell you three things that not many people will tell you, and yes, it come’s from me. Who am I and why does it matter what I say to you? Because, I am an overweight woman who faces many of the same challenges that you face. You are not in this battle alone, even when it feels like it. I promise you, there are thousands of people out here, just like you who have no idea on how or what to do to get started simply because they are overwhelmed.

One of the first things you should be doing is journaling. I say journaling in a loose sort of way. You don’t need to write something like your high-school diary, but I would suggest logging your food, mood and activities. Why? Because it keeps you accountable by allowing yourself the opportunity to go back and read your past accomplishments and struggles. When you have a great day, it allows you to go back and feel that again. It motivates you to continue your journey, now matter your upset, it can give you light at the end of the tunnel that may seem ever-so dark and ever-so long.

Journaling is something that has gotten me through a lot of my own personal struggles. It’s actually the main reason why I decided to start blogging. I felt that the information was important enough for me to re-read multiple times. I felt like it was information that I needed to tell someone who might be struggling the same way I do.

Second thing you should be doing. Weighing yourself on a daily basis. I know…this is quite bold of me to suggest, especially to beginners. But it is proven to help build a healthy daily routine. Weight loss is a routine, its new for your body and it is something that you need to be adjusted to. Adjustments are everything from our portion sizes, jean sizes and even weighing times. You should be weighing yourself on a daily basis because it helps you understand the fluctuations that are natural for a human body. You need to weigh yourself on the same scale, every morning after you’ve used the restroom but before you consume ANYTHING. This habit will allow your mind not to worry so much about 3 or 4 pounds magically appearing on the scale. Why? Because you’ll understand that in order to achieve an added 3 or 4 pounds overnight, that would be equivalent to 10,500 to 14,000 calories, that’s about 24 big macs.

A human body can fluctuate in weight for many reasons. Sodium being one of those reasons because it can cause excess inflammation, water weight still has an impact on your scale numbers. A woman’s body fluctuates multiples during the day. We have different imbalances than that of our male predecessors. If this is an issue on a consistent basis, maybe more than 3 days that you’ve noticed an incline in your weight, I would simply re-read my journal and assess the things I have done in the past few days.

The third thing you should do. Do not get wrapped up. What do I mean? I mean allow yourself to live. Once we start to feel deprived, it is an inevitable downward spiral to chips, cake and sweet wine.  The thing is, people get so wrapped up in what someone else might think, see or feel that they may often forget about themselves. You’re at a birthday party and you really want some cake, evaluate your short-term goals and how your day has gone. Allow yourself to partake. Aunt Karen is going to look smug no matter what sweetheart, so make sure you eat that cake while you sit across from her. Then when you’re done with your cake, ask her if you can toss her plate in the trash for her, if she’s finished that is. Kill em with kindness. Trust me when I say, if you actually evaluate your progress before you get that cake, that cake is a victory slice that you deserve. Don’t over-indulge, only 1 small slice, then call it a day.

I really hope that these three things help elevate some of the stress and pressures that go along with dieting, health and fitness. I’m going to tell you how a real human handles their fitness goals. Your success is my success and I mean that with every ounce of my being. I am here to help you achieve, I am here to help me achieve. I believe in you, believe in yourself too. A great article to help you with personal growth is https://growthtactics.net/step-outside-comfort-zone-to-see-personal-growth/ 

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6 Replies to “3 Weight-Loss Suggestions That Keep You Motivated”

  1. It’s refreshing to find you! While I appreciate the success and dedication of fit individuals, I truly connect most with people who are within their fitness journey. Your advice just resonated more because you are in the struggle like me.

    Thanks for posting and helping others 😊

    1. Bruce, you have no idea how good it is to hear this! I love writing about weightloss and exercise because it’s something that I struggle with but am so passionate about that I research and study everything. Just remember we are in this together, and if you ever need to talk, I am right here.

  2. I relate and connect so much with your article. Currently trying to lose weight, it can be really hard for me to stay motivated. Thanks lot for this article

  3. I agree with the last one. I write about fitness and nutrition, but overall living a happy balanced lifestyle. You shouldn’t have to torture yourself if you really want that treat, but I ask myself questions like, “is this treat worth it?” “is it going to be the best thing ever?’ Or ” am I just eating it cause it’s right there?”. I LOVE my treats however, I usually have to go out to get it, which will involve me changing and going out. The snack has to be the best snack ever, not just a simple muffin.

    Also, just saying, I think the scale is actually a really bad idea for some people. People are REALLY hung up on the number, so matter how many times you tell them the number could be the gains, water weight, etc. My go-to that really helps and shows is taking progress pictures! It really helps, and I think it’s a great idea to let people know about taking monthly pictures. I’ve always been a small girl and it took my a lot of dedication to get muscles and get thicker! Here is my page on my progress pictures! I just want you to see that it works. 🙂 There are better ways than the scale! You can also have someone measure yourself and flex when you do it! 🙂


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