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Here’s Why a Cheat Day on Keto is Bad for You.

Why a cheat day on Keto is bad for you can’t be easily explained, but it can be addressed. There are several reasons why we cheat when we are diets. Those reasons can vary from person to person just depending on your individual situation.

Maybe you had a rough day at work, or maybe you forgot to set something out for dinner and the drive-thru is looking the most appealing. Whatever your reasoning is, it can be logically thought through. You just need a better reason not to cheat that to cheat.

A cheat day on the Keto Diet can be a huge set back when it comes to attainability of your goals. Why? Because it takes 2-4 days to even get your body converted from glucose burning mode to a ketone producing, fat burning, bad ass machine.

When it comes to cheating, we need to use as much self-control as possible. I know firsthand how hard it is sometimes to just say no. But what are we saying no to? Are we saying no to our emotions, or are we saying no to something that our body seriously needs? Emotions. When you tell yourself no to something you want, it means you’re telling the emotional side of yourself, NO!

Maybe if we are attaining our goals, making strides to achieve our big overall “why”, then we should reward ourselves. That’s the thing, I used the word, reward. It should be earned. Not an emotional coping mechanism to our shitty day.

Think ahead when it comes to cheating. If you plan your ‘reward days’, then the thought of them will drive you to succeed towards your goal. When planning a ‘reward day’, you must use precautions and not go overboard. Back to self-control. Give yourself one meal at the end of every month, if that’s what you need.

Why one meal? Because studies suggest that after 75 grams of carbohydrates, out blood sugar spikes. It causes our bodies to have a metabolic response strong enough to damage your blood vessels. This means one meal with 75 grams of carbs can do unseen damage but have a potentially long-term effect.

Blood sugar spikes can lead to lifelong complications within our bodies. These continuous spikes can cause blindness, amputations and even aid in the development of dementia.

When you cheat yourself. Yes, that is what you’re doing, cheating yourself from potentially attaining your goal. But when you cheat, you’ll run the risk of having to deal with the ‘Keto Flu’…again. Even if you did not get the ‘Keto Flu’ the first time, you are increasing your chances every time you allow your blood sugar to spike and then be pushed back into ketosis.

Cheating on the Keto Diet also prolongs your bodies ability to fat adaption. Fat adaption can take anywhere from 8 all the way up to 12 weeks. Fat adaption is really the ultimate goal of a Keto Diet, you want your body to be a fat burning bad ass machine.

Scientific studies have suggested that when we get cravings, we aren’t actually craving things like burgers and fries or pizza and donuts. Their studies suggest that the cravings are actually being confused in your mind. Your body actually wants fat, not carbohydrates. Try it next time you get a craving, just go and grab a keto snack with plenty of fat.

Once you have cheated and you caved into the cravings, please know that your cravings and hunger will be really intense. You’ll have to fight those cravings and hunger for the next several days while trying to get back on track.

After you have taken the plunge, remember that the weight you just worked so hard to get off. Then know that it will come back. Weight comes back and has a way of sticking after you’ve caved to the crave. Studies have suggested that yo-yoing allows weight to become harder to remove.

Just remember that you need to think before you eat. I know that sounds silly as hell, but it’s true. Think about why you started. Think about the feeling of self-guilt and how it feels when you let yourself down. Believe in yourself and invest in yourself. Cheating only cheats one person, that’s yourself. Remember, try and plan ahead for your ‘Reward Days’.

This is the only diet that allows you to have bacon and whip cream for breakfast. Use that to your advantage!



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