Healthy Habits that enhance your life

6 Healthy Habits You Need to Adopt

We all have healthy habits, but what about the things we know we do that are unhealthy? What can we change in our lives to become healthier?

Aside from the typical don’t smoke, don’t eat fast food, stop drinking soda and energy drinks. Of course, those are all important, but potentially not completely attainable for everyone. Here are a few completely do-able healthy habits that everyone needs in their life.

Healthy Habits #1

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Water. Just like SpongeBob, you need water. Your body is made up of around 70% water, that means on a daily basis between food and drinks, you should be replenishing this much needed resource.

We’re all guilty of not drinking enough water, I’m sure of that. I live in Northwest Florida and trust me, sweet tea is a thing here, and for good reason.

There are some things you can do though to drink more water. You could get a nifty new cup that you want to show off so badly, that you’re willing to slug down some water.

You don’t have to go all out and drown yourself, just drink when you’re thirsty. It is recommended at minimum to drink around 64 ounces of water per day, so, 8 cups of water. If your body is more active, or you live in a hotter climate, your body might want more to drink, and that is okay!

You could also try getting flavored water packets, but those are typically made with artificial sweeteners so watch out. You can also set a daily goal, and track that goal using an ap. Tracking something typically creates a competitive drive.

Just keep in mind that water helps regulate your blood pressure, maintain your electrolyte balance, temperature and your joint movement. This is a very important habit to build on, and it is one of those things that doesn’t take preparation, you can start today, right now!

Healthy Habits #2

Substitute healthy habits for greasy snacks
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Substitutes. And, no I don’t mean teachers. Having substitutes in our lives can help replace the item that we are missing or craving. Finding alternative routes for French fries can benefit you just as much as that innocent potato you’re about to drop in hot oil.

Potatoes are a great example for someone who is doing a low-carb or Keto Diet. People who eat low-carb or Keto can’t eat the carbohydrates in their way of eating. A great alternative to a potato, is a turnip. Yes, turn up on the turnips. I promise you, they are amazing baked, fried, or put in a stew or soup

Of course, if you’re a bread eater, make sure you’re using wholegrain or wheat over enriched white bread. The enriched flour has its nutrients added back to it, because the processing has stripped it of its natural nutrients.

Brown rice over white rice, brown rice is whole grain and helps lower cholesterol as well as helping with bowel issues because of the fiber content. So, try and stick to grains of color because they are more nutritious for you.

I love popcorn! Let me tell you, even when I eat low-carb or Keto, I still eat my share of popcorn. It is a great healthy and crunchy alternative to chips! Popcorn helps with digestion and is full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Popcorn can even help with weight-loss!

Egg white’s vs the entire egg. I myself eat the entire egg but there are reasons some people may not want to eat the entire egg. Don’t get me wrong though, I love a good egg white omelet. Egg whites are cholesterol free, only the yolk holds the cholesterol content.

Egg whites are high in protein and low I calories. It is a great substitute for someone who counts calories or even someone who lifts heavy.

One thing we all love, is chocolate. Dark chocolate is a fantastic substitute for regular chocolate with quite a few health benefits. It has a lower sugar content, less calories and more fiber. The higher the cocoa, the better.

Healthy Habits #3

Healthy habits
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Workout. Working out can be a Hail Mary for some of us. It can help with several different issues that our bodies experience. Finding the right way to start working out just might be the trick here.

Working out can help with depression and anxiety. Exercise is shown to reduce depression, downed moods and even cognitive function. Exercise can give you the sense of structure and purpose to your day.

You should try aiming for 30 minutes a day of moderate intensity physical activity. Mix in two days of strength training of some sort. Aerobics classes are great team style classes that have a level for everyone.

Exercise can help you focus and think more clearly. Allowing your brain and body to function together to get through your workouts is a great way to relieve stress.

Working out can be hard, but if you build a routine around it and stick to it, it will become easier. The easier it becomes, the more that you can do. It is a beautiful thing to watch your body change and do things you didn’t think possible.

If you would like to start working out, but really have no idea how or why, click this link and discover the benefits.

Healthy Habits #4

Positivity and inspiration help build healthy habits
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Positivity. Just like working out, this is an essential. This is something that everyone around you, including yourself benefits from.

Being positive in a hard situation is one of the hardest things in the world to achieve. Trust me though, it can be done. Take a minute to yourself, breathe through it. Relax your shoulders and exhale your problem. Thinking it through without emotion is going to be a positive thing for you in the long run.

There are other things that can grow your positivity though, not just your work situations or home situations. Sometimes we need to do something for ourselves. Take a risk and run with it. Stop telling yourself that you can’t do something. The reasons are excuses, and frankly you are only holding yourself back from succeeding.

You can also help someone else. Helping someone else who is in need at that moment, feels amazing. Not only does it do a greater good, it is something that other people see. When other people see you do something good for someone else, they will do something good for someone else as well. That is the thing we need in our world, helping hands.

You can also read blogs for personal and professional growth. This is a great option for someone who might be dealing with toxicity in their workplace, or someone who wants to grow within themselves. A great blog to read for personal growth is

Try and look at the bright side of the situation. Looking at the bright side of the situation doesn’t take away from the negative, doesn’t make the negative side not exist. However, it means that you have at least acknowledged the fact that the outcome might not be as bad as you think. Just slow down, breathe and think it through.

Healthy Habits #5

Nature helps build healthy habits
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Nature. Being in nature is beneficial to not only your physical health, but your mental health as well. The great outdoors can allow you to feel like the weight of the world has been lifted from your shoulders.

Being outside and in the sun can provide you with vitamin D. If you are in the sun unprotected for 15 minutes, your body starts to absorb the UV Rays that the sun puts off, and you start to absorb the vitamin D within the UV Rays. This is a great way to help naturally boost your immune system.

Being in the sun has also been linked to elevated moods. The sun can help relieve stress in adults and children as well as help combat depression. The smell of the outdoors can help you feel calmer and more relaxed. So, stop and smell the roses!

Spending 20 minutes in the great outdoors gives your brain a boost of energy. This energy boost is just about equivalent to a cup of coffee. Not only is it great for energy boosting, but it also helps relieve pain in your joints and muscles.

Being outside and taking in all of the beauty can help you be more creative. Creativity in turn helps relieve stress and depression. This is a win-win in my book.

Of course, don’t forget about all the wonderful activities that you can do outdoors. You can go hiking, biking, walking, roller skating. You can play football, softball, soccer and go for a run. All of these activities help you get your exercise as well as have a blast doing it.

Healthy Habits #6

No phones disconnect from social media
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Disconnect. Sometimes we just really need to shut the outside world down for a little while. Live in our own world and embrace our own true thoughts and face to face relationships.

My general rule in my house is no phones at the dinner table. I don’t care if you’re a guest or not, your phone better not be picked up unless it is a true emergency. I feel that disconnecting during dinner time is an important way for the entire table to decompress their day and enjoy everyone around them.

Social media can be overpowering to say the least. It is constantly full of other people’s opinions and crazy antics. Sometimes other people’s opinions and strong disregard for others can be draining and stressful. Shut your social media down for a little while.

Reading news that has been propagated to generate link clicks can be emotional. You read a headline and it just isn’t what you thought it was going to be. Saying one thing but being a complete other. Try reading inspirational blogs or articles.

Social media can help spread positivity and keep you in touch with your family and friends that may live further away from you. I use social media to keep my family up to speed about my constantly growing children.

By making my dinner table a phone free zone, I have been able to create a positive environment within my home. That environment has clear and open communication, allowing myself and the other members of my family and circle of friends to increase our time together.

Take Away

Sometimes we need to focus on ourselves and our families first. The healthy habits that we instill in ourselves right now, are more likely to be adapted and utilized by our children. Helping someone can make you and everyone else around you feel good. You just bred positivity. Your positivity reflects in your character and also makes your day less stressful. Get outside and enjoy being you!

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