My ultimate goal is to help women who have or are struggling with self-appreciation and body acceptance. As a woman myself, I understand what it’s like to look in a mirror and dislike what is looking back at me. Big or small, short or tall I believe almost every woman has had a similar experience at one point in their life.

None of our bodies are perfect, but that’s because we are all unique. Everyone is meant to be shaped differently. Some may be tall, short, wide, skinny. But it’s about how we look at ourselves look in the mirror, how we comprehend and understand ourselves enough to stop laying judgement down so harshly on ourselves. Stop setting unobtainable goals and outrageous standards for yourself.

I am all for bettering yourself, but I don’t like watching people struggle with accepting themselves. Recognizing that you have a flaw or possibly unflattering attribute is one thing, but hating it is another. I know that we all have the image in our head of what we want to be, and some can obtain that image, but some of us struggle with reaching that goal image lodged into our head.
I am not saying to ignore your health, I am simply saying to address it in a safe and healthy manner. The first step is to find motivation, that motivation will then lead to clearer thoughts and less anxiety about the situation. It allows you to create a goal, an end game if you will. Now whether this is in your head about weight-loss or weight-gain, there is always an option to push yourself and let others help you. It is not a bad thing to recognize that you WANT help. I want help all the time, I look to other people for motivation when it comes to my weight-loss. When other people are holding you accountable, it makes it harder to fail, internally I cannot deal with letting someone else down. That is how I gain my motivation.

We as women can struggle internally but be so stubborn minded that we won’t admit that we WANT help. If you are struggling, write to me, and I will respond, I will be there for you and care about your thoughts. We need to learn to appreciate ourselves and each other and stop looking down on each other for maybe not fitting into the social box of what is and isn’t an acceptable body type.


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