The First Appointment

Friday, May 25th, 2018: First Appointment

Weight: 354.4 lbs


I went in for the appointment a few days after setting it. We did the normal Dr visit stuff like weight, blood pressure, height and discussed why I was there. I explained in grave detail how I had struggled in the past with diet pills, diets and exercise. He explained to me that typically for approval of weight-loss surgeries with the insurance companies, it has to be the last resort and has to have a clear and long record of physician reports to support the decision. He explained to me some of the options he had, which consisted of Adapex or Pheniramine, which are appetite suppressants. He wrote me the prescription and gave me an EKG reading, request for bloodwork and explained to me that I needed to do a low-carb high-fat diet in order to achieve weight-loss due to my sugar levels and pre-type 2 diabetes.   

                Since that day, I have been a changed woman. I started taking the medication, however it gave me intense headaches, so I had to stop taking it after 5 days. I stayed with the low-carb and high-fat diet though. Knowing that I HAD to do something, I was getting out of control and the very last thing that I wanted was to have to have surgery. I have never had a surgery of any kind, and I am scared to be honest. So, I stayed on the diet that I was currently on, just doing low-carb and higher-fat intakes. Then about 2 weeks in, I started noticing my energy levels were amazing! I have 2 young boys, both under 2, so energy is a thing of rarity! But, I had it! I was getting everything I needed to get done, done, and then some! I was cooking, cleaning, playing and laughing WITH actual energy and comfort!

                I said okay, let’s adjust my carb intakes and attempt to lose more weight. I started at 354.4 pounds, but 2 weeks in I was down to 334.4. I started looking into the low-carb diet even more and stumbled upon the “Ketogenic Diet”, it looked exactly like what I was already doing, just with a lower carb intake. I was doing 45 grams of carbs per meal and 15 grams of carbs per snack while low-carbing. But this Ketogenic diet suggested only 20 grams of NET carbs total per DAY. I did some more research and decided since I was already low-carbing, might as well give her a go. There was nothing to buy, so I felt no risk, I just wanted the rewards.

                The rewards started to come very fast. I was a week in and I had already managed to drop from 334.4 down to 324.4, I track my weight loss in pounds of 10. So a total of 3 weeks just low-carbing, 1 of those weeks consisted of research of the ketogenic diet, and the 4th week of being on Keto. I was 1-month total into my weight loss journey, and I felt amazing! So in one month I had dropped from 354.4 down to 324.4, 30 POUNDS in 1 month! I couldn’t believe it, because I didn’t feel like I was on a diet. I didn’t feel tired, sluggish, hungry, deprived or any other negative word you can associate with a diet. I felt happy, leaner, less hungry and had more of a clear mind. I was processing everything differently, and I just felt like a damn superhero.

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