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How to Stay Motivated for Weight-loss Success and Set Attainable Goals

When it comes to dieting, two things set us up for failure. They both have to do with our own personal mindset and ability to stay motivated for weight-loss, and set attainable goals. Setting unattainable goals will make the process of weight loss seem much longer, and harder, driving you to become unmotivated and unclear about what you’re doing and why.

1. The feeling of unattainable goals.

Sometimes life just feels like it has us completely by the balls, making every goal we set feel like it is completely unattainable. Like, no matter how hard we try to grasp and tear our way to success, it just gets further from our reach.

Notice in the numbered sentence, I said “the feeling”. That means that this is literally just a feeling, it will pass. This feeling usually comes in the beginning of your journey when your goal weight just looks like a huge number that you don’t even want to say out loud.

Let’s use me as an example:

Start weight: 356.4 pounds

Goal weight: 180 pounds

Current weight: 334.4 pounds

When you start looking at the number difference, if may just set you off track. The best way to look at this difference is in “milestones”. My first milestone to achieve was lose 15 pounds. That means I have 174.4 pounds left to go, looking at it like that can be discouraging all in it’s own. Milestones and goals are different.

Milestones: small, easily achieved stepping stones to a goal.

Goals: bigger, harder to achieve and take longer but feel amazing once you achieve them.

So my first goal is be at 300 pounds. That means that in the spectrum of goals I had 54.4 pounds to lose, I’ve lost 20 pounds so far, meaning I’m approximately 40% completed with my first goal.

Making these numbers smaller, means easier to stay motivated, and make our larger goals seem more attainable and attractive to our minds.

The second thing that really pushes us away from weight loss is being unmotivated. Maybe you’re sore from a workout, or tired from work and children. But, regardless of whatever is holding you back, you need to find the “why” and push through it.

Finding your “why”, is quite simple. Think about the things you have to gain if losing weight.

My why’s:

-Longevity of my health for myself, family, and children.

-The ability to be active with my children.

-Ability to look and feel normal within a military social group.

-The ability to do more physical tasks such as martial arts, hiking and biking.

Those things keep me going on the regular basis. I think about everything I need to do in a day, I think about the energy I need to keep up with my children, my house, and my gym membership. I have to push myself, but I complete my tasks and I own up to my losses.

Find what drives you, use it to stay on track and just keep moving!

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