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8 Ways to Boost Your Immune System

There are many ways to boost your immune system. Some of these ways are completely natural and some of the ways require supplements. The ways that I will discuss with you, are ways that you can effectively help build your immune system naturally and, ways that are in your hands completely. Everyone benefits from you having a strong immune system, not just yourself.

How? A strong immune system lessens your chances of catching spreadable illnesses like colds and flu. Your immune system is a complex collection of tissue, cells and organs that work together to defend your body against germs. We have three different types of immunity as humans. Innate immunity is something that everyone is born with, like skin which is a blockade to germs. Adaptive immunity is something that is developed after being exposed to certain diseases or immunizations. And Passive immunity is something that is passed from host to receiver, like breast milk.

8 Ways to Boost your Immune System

Sunshine. A simple way to boost your immune system is simply by enjoying some sunlight. Sunshine has UV rays that help your body produce the nutrient Vitamin D. Vitamin D is has an essential role in your immune system as well as your bones and blood cells. Sunshine can also help your body absorb the minerals of calcium and phosphorus. It is recommended that you have 10-15 minutes of unprotected sun exposure per day to really absorb the vitamin D that your body needs. Vitamin D can help protect you from respiratory illnesses. Sunshine has also been linked to elevated moods which is helping to fight depression, as well as relieve stress in adults.

Green Tea and Chamomile Green Tea. Another great way to boost your immune system is by simply enjoying a cup of tea. Green teas are high in antioxidants known as Polyphenols, which are great for fighting infections. They can protect you against viruses and sicknesses. Chamomile is a great tea to help you de-stress and relax, which helps build a strong immune system as well. A great addition to your tea is honey. Honey is a bad b when it comes to antioxidants and packs antibacterial properties that help not only your immune system, but your digestive system as well. Just make sure your honey is raw, and as unprocessed as possible. Try to locate a local beekeeper and spend your money in your community as well!

Exercise. To boost your immune system, you should be doing regular physical activities, as suggested by The American Heart Association of at least 30 minutes per day. But, not only for your cardiovascular strength, but for your immune system as well. Physical activity can also help protect against diseases and enforce good circulation throughout your body. It keeps you in good health which also keeps your immune system running great. To ‘kill two birds with one stone’, exercise outside, just remember not to over do it and to listen to your body during high heat periods. Body temperature water will also help your muscles and organs continuing to work at their peak during your performance.

Garlic. Boost your immune system with adding a boost to your food with this delicious addition. Garlic helps your immune system because it contains alliin (allicin), which converts to other Sulphur compounds that have been shown to help with disease-fighting response with white blood cells. Garlic could potentially prevent colds and the flu but has been shown to reduce the risk of even getting sick in the first place. Plus, it can help calm your symptoms. Not only does garlic a way to boost your immune system, but it can also reduce your risk of heart disease and improve your mental health.

Manage Stress. A great way to help boost your immune system is by managing your long-term stress factors. I’m not talking about stress factors that come and go on a daily basis. I’m talking about stress factors that are long lived like work, family and friend relationships. You can help manage your stress by trying to slow down and rest more frequently, allowing yourself to just take a breath of fresh air. You can also enjoy some sunlight. Stress impacts your immune system by lessening the fighting capabilities that it has against germs and virus’s by decreasing your white blood cell count. Try some tea, sunlight and relaxation and see if you can just find a better balance to your stressful life.

 Healthy Diet High in Vegetables. One way to boost your immune system is eating vegetables. Vegetables are an essential way for our body to obtain and absorb vitamins and nutrients that we need to run like a well-oiled machine. These vitamins and minerals have a huge effect on our immune system and how the complex system of organs operates. By ensuring that your body has these nutrients, you’re ensuring that your immune system will be healthy and able to carry on the good fight.

Drink Only in Moderation. To boost your immune system, it is highly recommended that you lower your drinking habits. Drinking in moderation can have a bigger impact on your health than just that of your immune system, but to your body as an entirety. Alcohol can disrupt the way the microbes in your gut interact with your immune system, making it easier for bacteria to pass to the bloodstreams. Not only can drinking in excess damage your liver but it can also damage your digestive system which increases your chances for cancer. The gut microbes are essential for fighting diseases, which alcohol can kill. So just drink a little less, a little less frequently and this should give a boost to your immune system.

Have Sex Two Times Per Week. A fun way to boost your immune system is to rev-up your sexy time. Not only does sex help you alleviate stress, anxiety and reduce your risk heart attacks but it also helps boost your immune system. Sex boosts the immune system by allowing your body to produce antibodies, which fight bacteria, viruses and germs in general. Sex can help several things in the human body which some include boosting your libido and women’s bladder control. Give it a try!

To boost your immune system, you should do a few key factors at bare-minimum. Get some exercise, even if you aren’t active, exercise is a great thing for anybody. Drink a cup of tea, outside in the sunshine after you’ve done the dirty for the second time this week. Have some vegetables loaded with garlic and enjoy your food. Along with your typical safety precautions like hand washing, cleaning and just in general keeping your hands to yourself, these tips could potentially help you naturally boost your immune system.


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  1. So important to exercise! Before lockdown, I went to the gym five days a week to do weights. Now I just do yoga because I can’t bring myself to do much else. But it’s still exercise!!

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