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How to Get Into Ketosis Fast

How to get into ketosis fast is a typical question. There are many things to overcome when it comes to dieting. We have to overcome our own demons, public acceptance, media, and the never-ending chains of fast food joints on the way home from work. Some of these things can lead to falling off the wagon.

One of the hardest things to overcome is when we do in fact cave to the crave and we have a cheat day. A cheat day can be devastating for serval reasons. Especially when you’re on the Keto Diet. But, it doesn’t have to be the end-all. I’ll talk about two separate ways of reaching Ketosis after a cheat day. One way is fast, one way will ease you back.

Number one, don’t beat yourself up. You had a relapse, a moment of weakness. It’s not something that has to continue to hold you back. You can overcome this, it will pass.

I will suggest that you learn more about the possible body damage you risk when you take a cheat day on Keto. I would encourage you to look more into doing maybe a monthly ‘reward meal’. Something that isn’t as detrimental to your potential long-term health.

The cravings you experience are actually confusing. You may be craving ice cream, bread, donuts or pizza. However, your body is actually wanting increased fat. So, you are confusing fat for carbs.

I will say that these methods of recovery after a cheat day is just how I go about getting back to my normal routine. I am not a doctor or licensed to advise you on your individual body’s needs. This is merely a suggestion on what works for myself.

The first thing I do to get over my cheat days is to check my ketone levels by using the urine sticks. I do this solely to see if I am producing and expelling any ketones at all.

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The next thing I do is weigh myself. This to see how much water weight I have gained and to see what position I’m in as far as needing to repair the damage I have done to my overall weight-loss.

I then will have black coffee. Black coffee has been noted to have ketone producing elements and has abilities to help you reach ketosis. This is the healthiest option for those of us that drink coffee because it has the least number of calories and doesn’t spike blood sugar.

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Black coffee can also induce a bowel movement. This can be helpful in the next few days, just in case I become constipated.

I will also do a 24 hour fast. This fast helps my body burn the stored glycogen that I accumulated during my cheat day, faster. Early on into my fasting period I will incorporate some vigorous cardio activities.

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Doing a 24 hour fast can have additional health benefits other than just trying to reach ketosis in a quicker fashion. It can be linked to improving your cardiovascular health in general. At about 12 hours of fasting, the typical body enters the state of ketosis.

The reason behind the cardio and fast together is very important. Carbohydrates fuel your body for longer durations of time than fat fuels the body. So doing a moderate to vigorous cardio activity gives my body the added help to burn those glycogen stores even faster. Potentially resulting in quicker Ketosis.

At the end of my fast, I will enjoy another cup of coffee. This coffee is then mixed with butter, MCT Oil and salt. This ensures that I am starting my day off with the fat that my body needs and the sodium it needs to have replenished. Please make sure you are getting your electrolytes in properly. These are key vitamins and minerals that your body needs.

If that doesn’t work for you and you want a more subtle approach to getting back to ketosis. I would recommend doing a Low-Carb diet for three days followed by one day of 40 grams of carbohydrates. In the three days you will lower your carbohydrate intake every day by 40 carbs. The first day you will consume 45 grams of carbs per meal and 15 grams per snack with no more than two snacks. That total will be 165 grams of carbs.

The second day you will lower your carb intake to 35 grams of carbs per meal and 10 per snack with again, no more than two snacks. The total will be 125 grams of carbs.

The third day you will lower your carb intake even more, down to 85 total daily carbs. That breaks down to 25 carbs per meal and 5 grams of carbs per snack. Only two snacks for the day.

The fourth day is easy, your back to a keto eating habit. Your carbohydrate intake just went from 85 to 40. Be mindful of the net carbs, hidden carbs and carbs in general.

Suggestion Number 1: How? Time Period and Benefits
1.       Weight yourself Step on a scale. Document the lbs. This is for your knowledge
2.       Black Coffee Coffee. Black. No sweeteners. No Creamers. Helps satiation. Induces bowel movement. Helps achieve ketosis.
3.       Fast Water. Coffee. Tea. 24 hours. Helps cognitive functions. Induces mild ketosis at 12 hours.
4.       Coffee Coffee. Heavy Cream. MCT Oil. Butter. Blend. Restores fat levels for fuel. Helps you feel full.


Day: Carb Intake:  
Day One 165 carbs. 45×3 meals 15×2 snacks  
Day Two 125 carbs. 35×3 meals 10×2 snacks  
Day Three 85 carbs. 25×3 meals 5×2 snacks  
Day Four 40 carbs. Keto Eating.


These again are just recommendations on two separate ways to achieve ketosis. One recommendation is for achieving ketosis at a fast pace. The other recommendation is for those who want to ease back into it. Recommendation number one can have a higher chance of producing “Keto Flu” symptoms. The second recommendation is for those who want to avoid the “Keto Flu” as much as possible so they ease their body back into the state of ketosis.

I hope these help you and you find the strength to keep going on strong with your journey. Whether that journey is keto, low-carb, regular calorie deficit or no just maintaining.

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