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Tips and Ideas for Self-Care

Tips and ideas for Self-Care

We can all use tips and ideas for self-care because sometimes we forget that it is a thing that we need. The importance of self-care is highly vital to every living being. Self-care refuels our soul. You know that old saying ‘you can’t pour from an empty glass’? Well, self-care is literally how you fill your glass.

Please don’t think self-care is a thing of selfishness, because it isn’t. Plain and simple, everyone needs to take care of themselves before they can take care of anyone else.

Self-care is easily defined as any activity that is done deliberately in order to take care of our mental, emotional or physical health. Self-care is best practiced using things that you enjoy doing though. Not things that we must do or things that we are made to do.

Self-care is a great way to elevate your mood and reduce your anxiety. It is also proved to be a key factor in being able to have successful interpersonal relationships.

Self-care helps build self-reliance, empowerment and self-confidence. Self-care also helps you create a sense of personal responsibility. By allowing time for yourself, you relieve anxiety and stress which reduced symptoms of depression.

What factors are considered self-care?

There are several categories that come into play when it comes to doing something that is good for your soul. These activities can be simple tasks that you don’t even realize you enjoy so much.

One of my self-cares is literally driving and singing to 90s hip hop and R&B music. I feel refreshed, revitalized and happy after I do this activity, even without purposely doing the activity.

Hygiene is self-care

Yes, it seems basic, because it is. However, many people, myself included, feel refreshed and alive after a simple shower. A shower is something that is planned every day. This is a daily self-care factor that you don’t realize has as much effect on you, until you don’t have your shower.

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We women who do our makeup, we have taken the time for a routine that improves our emotional and mental health. Makeup can make you feel empowered and boost your self-confidence, therefore is considered an act of self-care.

Nutrition is an important factor of self-care

Giving your body the proper nutrition has more than just your typical health benefits that you think of when you think about eating correctly. Proper nutrition helps satiate your bodies mind and spirit. Simply put, when you eat good, you feel good.

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Vegetables such as leafy greens, lettuces, peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and Brussel Sprouts are all foods that you can eat that have antidepressant factors in their nutrients. Antioxidants are contained in these vegetables as well. Plant based diets may help reduce stress-related symptoms of depression and anxiety.

The lifestyle of your choice has a lot to do with your self-care

There are plenty of categories that fall under lifestyle. Think about what type of lifestyle you live and how much you may benefit from this choice. If you live a party lifestyle you may have benefits of social aspects but may lack health and possibly suffer from a form of dependence.

Other self-care lifestyles are things like a fitness lifestyle, you mainly focus on physical activities and proper nutrition. Maybe you live a Spiritual lifestyle and focus on good behaviors. You may fit into more than one category, most people do. Most people enjoy things outside of their ‘normal’ self-care. For instance, someone who goes to the gym may really enjoy intellectual lifestyle habits as well.

Environmental self-care

This is an important aspect of everyday life because it is something that we don’t have to reach out for or really plan much of to achieve. Your environmental self-care can be explained as simply as spending time with your family.

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Your environment is typically what you make it, so its pretty easy to assume that for the most part, you enjoy it. Maybe you like to drink your coffee in the morning enjoying the nature on the balcony of your apartment and just mentally prepare for the day that lies ahead of you. Remember to enjoy your environment as much as possible, its yours, so enjoy it.

How do I schedule self-care?

Unfortunately, not everyone has as much free time as what we would like or need. Sometimes it can be hard to even get a shower in for those who are stay-at-home mothers. So, it may seem like reaching when I tell you that you should try and schedule yourself some time each week, or day even. JUST FOR YOU.

This may seem like a huge deal, but if you try to talk to those around you and let them know that this is something that you need, they just might understand and be willing to help you. Maybe you can speak to your significant other and come to some sort of compromise that allows the both of you to schedule some time for yourselves.

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There are some other options, if you don’t have the backup to help you. You can start waking up 30 minutes earlier than normal to just sit and read or just sit outside and enjoy nature. Maybe you can use that time to ensure that you get your daily shower, or a short bubble bath.

There are things you need to do for yourself, especially when you are constantly taking care of others. Like I said before, you can’t pour from an empty glass. Try to find 10 minutes here and there throughout the day that can belong just to you and your self-care.

With 10 minutes here and there you can sit outside, maybe have a snack or a cup of coffee. You could even watch 10 minutes of calming or motivational YouTube videos to help you through the day.

What can I do to improve my self-care?

You can always try new things, see if something outside of your normal doesn’t bring you enjoyment. Maybe you want to start writing a journal or start baking. Find hobbies that spark your interest so that you enjoy them when you try them.

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A journal is a great way to get your emotions out, especially if you don’t have someone to talk to. This can be an activity that is a 10-minute break for you throughout the day.

Gardening is another great way to ensure you are enjoying yourself and your environment. You’ll be outside soaking up the sun while you plant or water your garden. This can be a 10-minute activity as well. Daily watering of the garden is simple and still allows you to enjoy yourself an environment.

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Exercise is highly important, not only to you, but your family as well. I would suggest trying beginner cardio workouts. It is shown that exercise helps reduce depression and anxiety so this becoming a habit would be highly recommended for your self-care routine.

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You can always take the artistic route and try painting, drawing or coloring. There are other forms of art that you could try like crocheting or putting together a beautiful puzzle. These are things that allow your mind to be creative.

Meditation allows you a quite and respectful area to reflect and refuel. Put calming background noise on, along with your favorite aromatic spray and sit peacefully. This can help reduce depressive symptoms and anxiety.

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Spend time with your family. Self-care isn’t just about being alone, it’s about enjoying the things that you do. It’s about really benefiting from the activities of your life. Enjoy your family, friends and pets because they bring you joy.

Take Away

Just remember that self-care needs to be a commitment to yourself. Say it out loud, say that you are allowing time for yourself. You are not selfish for needing the time to yourself. This time allows you to empower yourself and allows you to focus on other people. This time allows you to feel refueled and full of life. We all need this time, make sure that you work with the others in your household to ensure that everyone is getting the self-care that they need and deserve.







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