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Personal Growth: Unleash the Beast

When it comes to personal growth, you may have no idea on how to start improving on yourself. Sure, you know the basics like drink water, eat healthy, exercise. Of course, those are things of importance. However, I’m going to tell you how to train your mind and body for real personal growth that allows you to have control of your future.

Why is Personal Growth so hard?

Personal Growth is something that can be hard for not just you, but for everyone. We have developed our habits and our ways. Personal Growth is about creating new and different habits that allow us to further ourselves so that you can be the best version of you possible.

While you are trying to learn these new ways and habits, your mind is telling you to revert to what it already knows. You have surrender yourself to the change to make the new habits form.

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New habits can be harder to learn because your brain and body want to do it one way but you’re now fighting with yourself to learn a new way. Becoming aware of the process of change to habit, means you have to be able to work harder for yourself.

You’ll have to be able to overcome your battles, and some of these battles are just an overnight change. You have to learn new behaviors and new ways to cope with things. You have to learn how to turn yourself into someone you might not have been before.

What are some examples of Personal Growth?

Being able to identify what you want to work on is a great skill. It means that you can look at yourself, be honest with yourself, and find out what qualities you have, as well as your flaws. Being honest with yourself about the flaws that you have, can be hard all in itself. No one wants to tell themselves that they have an anger problem.

That’s exactly what I had to do. I had to recognize what people were telling me for years, as the truth. It sucks because you don’t want to look at yourself in a negative manner. However, when you recognize it, you can then work on a solution to the issue.

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Some examples of Personal Growth:

  • Working on your anger issues
  • Becoming a more positive person
  • Becoming a less lazy person
  • Being more polite and less snippy
  • Learning to overcome procrastination
  • Follow through
  • Being a happier person
  • Taking personal responsibility for your actions
  • Becoming a more considerate individual

Remember these 4 key things.

Motivation and determination. These two things combined are powerful tools that you have within your person, you just need to remember to use them. Don’t let the revert become an easy escape. Remember that there is a reason that you decided that you wanted to grow. Remind yourself on the aspects of your life that you want to change. Remind yourself on the benefits of your growth. Be determined to make the change happen and strong willed enough to talk yourself out of reverting.

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Get out of your Comfort Zone. Your comfort zone is the area of your life that isn’t going to be used very often while you are adapting to your new growths. You want to rebuild a new comfort zone, new walls, new structure. What once was comfortable for you before, may not be after you’ve looked within and seen what you want to change. Just continue to be openminded, strong-willed and motivated toward your future you.

It’s a never-ending process. I know that doesn’t sound like a good time, however if you look at it the benefits outweigh the length of time anyways. I mean, you’ll be a new you, wanting to strive for better in all aspects of your life. You’ll be pushing yourself toward new successes and away from past failures. You’ll become more aware of how you adapt the more time goes on and before you know it, it won’t be a thing of work, but a thing of habit.

Become Self-Aware. You can’t fix something that you don’t know is broken. That can be said for this scenario as well. Without you being able to take a good reflective look into yourself, then you won’t really know what you need to correct and how to grow. If you look at your past relationships, why did they end? Look at your past work history, why did that end? Of course, some things are completely out of your control, but we must evaluate things in order to get to the root cause. Becoming self-aware means trying to figure out how and why you react the way you do, when things go wrong.

Allow yourself time to adapt

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That’s right, its not about rushing around in personal growth. You have to give yourself much needed time to adapt to new ideas. You build a habit by continuing to do the same thing over and over.

With personal growth, the opportunity to change your reactions only come occasionally. The key is to remember that you need to allow yourself the time to process your true reaction. Take time to think about the situation, don’t just open your mouth immediately.

Remember that when learning new things, you may fail a few times, just keep trying. That is what growth is about, being able to recognize your failures and try to overcome them the next time the opportunity presents itself. Allow yourself the time needed to adapt to a new you.

Don’t rush

This goes back to allowing yourself time. The reason we don’t want to rush is because the progression we see when we rush things, really isn’t progression. At least not when it comes to things that we are doing for the first time.

When we feel rushed to improve ourselves, the lasting effects of our personal growth won’t actually last. They are just temporary changes without long-lasting benefits. Sure, you’ll be happy for the time being, but what happens when you start to revert to old ways and habits?

Typically, when we rush progression of a new adventure, we will find ourselves having to work backwards. We have to start over, or we completely give up in the fight. Training your mind and body to do something different from its usual is a process that takes time. You need to allow yourself a slow and steady growth pattern.

Proper rest is a requirement for all things good

Personal growth can be a hard thing to tackle, especially if you’re tired. When you’re tired, you want to cut corners. There is no being lazy about rebuilding your mind and body. You need to be able to rest assured that you have the mental compacity each day to give it your all.

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Without the proper rest you may feel fatigued, tired or not want to do much of anything. You may also be grumpy, or even anxious because you haven’t allowed yourself the proper rest that your body needs.

Try and get at least one more solid hour of sleep each night. I know this can be a hard task in itself, especially if you have children. But try, that is what you can do to start improving yourself, is try.

Dress the part

I know so many people tell you already, dress for the success you want, not the success you have. That, my friend, is very true. This can be said for any aspect.

If you are currently unemployed but looking for a career path, you won’t want to have to change your wardrobe when you land your dream position. You’ll want to be prepared and able to rest assured that you clothing is presentable and ready.

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This isn’t just about careers though, if you wanting to lose weight, you still need to dress the part. Some gyms even have rules outlining what you can and cannot wear. I would make sure that I have proper fitting clothing that are comfortable for you to get down in the gym with.

Proper balanced nutrition

Proper nutrition is good for anyone, plain and simple. We should always strive to feed our bodies the things that it needs and frankly, deserves.

Proper nutrition can help with cognitive function, even improving memory. If you want stay away from junk food, and provide your temple the proper foods, then you should really think about the foods that you feed it currently.

Along with proper nutrition, also comes water and ridding yourself of energy drinks. I won’t say don’t have them at all but look to be moderate with them instead of using them all the time.

Get your laughs in

I know its easy to be entertained and do things that you enjoy, but how often do you actually laugh? Do you watch funny cat videos on the internet? Maybe you like standup comedy.

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Whatever gets you laughing, do more of that. Laughing reduces anxiety, stress and depression. Make sure that you keep this tip in your back pocket for a rainy day.

Maybe you just enjoy a simple card game with good friends and a few drinks, that’s okay. Just remember to have fun while you strive for greatness.

Feed your soul by doing the things you love

That’s right, this isn’t all about work or losing weight. We as human beings have internal needs that feed our soul. These things make us happy and proud.

These things that we enjoy doing relieve stress, anxiety and depression as well. I enjoy writing, art, crafts with my children, cooking and spending time with my husband. I also enjoy being outside, flowers, and taking walks.

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You can do things like volunteer at the animal shelters, homeless shelters, maybe start a garden or start painting. You can also look at your past ventures and see if you would like to pick one of them back up. Making use of your time to feed yourself positivity is always a good thing, but sometimes it is forgotten.

Say your goals out-loud

Saying things out-loud means that you are putting it into the universe. You can speak it into existence. It breeds positivity within your own mind. This method also puts it into the forefront of others minds, making them aware of your choice for personal growth.

For instance, if you want to lose 100 pounds, say it out-loud to your family. “Family, I am going to lose this weight, I am going to be healthier and happier.” I bet that they will be proud of you for making the verbal commitment.

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Keep your goals out-loud as much as you can. Say your goals to yourself in the morning, in the mirror of the bathroom while you are getting dressing for the day. Say them to yourself before you go to bed. Reflect on your day before you go to bed, just don’t dwell on a bad day.

Education education education

That’s right, its such an important tip, that I needed to say it three times. Why is it so important? Well, frankly if you don’t educate yourself on your new venture, you may end up with a result that you didn’t want.

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This doesn’t mean read science books and study biology or sign up for 25k in student loans signing up for classes. I mean look into people who do what you want to do. Research your goal, look for inspiration online, read articles and blogs.

You don’t just jump into a car and start driving without a destination in mind, right? Well personal growth is sort of the same, depending on your goal.

Reward yourself

Yeah! Who doesn’t like rewards?! I love them and they keep me motivated to continue my journeys. Lose 25 pounds, reward yourself with a new pair of jeans or a new dress.

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Let’s say you’re working towards getting employee of the month. Your attendance is great, your performance is spectacular, and your sales are through the roof. You’ve made employee of the month! Congratulations now celebrate with your friends, then reward yourself with a spa night.

Rewards should come in small packages, don’t get carried away and give yourself a vacation package to the Bahamas. Give yourself small things that you want, but don’t necessarily need. Like maybe a new pair of gym shoes.

Set milestones

Your rewards should go hand in hand with these milestones. You’ll want to chunk up your goal, 6 smaller goals seem more attainable than 1 large goal that may take a year or so.

So, break the large goal into small goals. For example, if you want to lose 100 pounds, break that into 5 milestones. Each milestone would be 20 pounds. Now, if I told you to lose 20 pounds, doesn’t that seem more attainable then me telling you to go lose 100 pounds?

Of course, you’re still losing 100 pounds, however the rewards come sooner. Also, the determination to stay on track comes with progress. The more milestones you achieve, the more progress you have made.

Don’t rely on anyone else

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Plain and simple, no one else is going to make your goal be successful. You have to do this for yourself. Sure, people can help you. People will be there for moral support and to have your back and maybe even push you past limits you didn’t know you had. But they can’t do it for you.

Use the motivation that others provide you to drive yourself to success. Use their investment as a way to determine you even further.

Look at your goal like they have invested in you. They tell you how proud they are of you, they help you, they talk to you and motivate you. Turn their help into something personal for yourself. That way you aren’t letting anyone down, you try harder when you have on lookers. Just don’t rely on your support systems to do the work for you.

Take away

Being able to recognize that you need to change something, is a big step as a person. We get tangled up in how we are used to doing things and don’t want to change our ways because it is different. You becoming open-minded enough to acknowledge you need to change, says a lot about you. Use these tips to help you through your first 30 days. Remember, new habits are formed after a continuous 30 days of change. Keep yourself in check, learn to slow down and think before you react. I believe in you, now you need to believe in you too.






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