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How to Build Your Confidence

We all have moments of weakness when it comes to self-confidence. But, how do you build your confidence? Well, I am going to give you some tips on things that you can do to improve your self-confidence.

The main way we build our confidence is from within, it doesn’t come from anywhere else. We have to believe the things that others say are true in order to believe them, so if we don’t believe what they say, why would matter?

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Stop talking negatively to yourself or about yourself. If you aren’t seeing the real you, no one else will either. You want to be seen for who you truly are, so stop being so negative with yourself.

Trust me, we all have our moments of telling ourselves something bad, however we need to learn to snap out of that habit by making a new one of positivity. Every time you say something negative about yourself, say two positive things about yourself or two things you like about yourself.

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I don’t mean education like going back to school, unless that is what you want to do. But, in this sense I am talking about the education of the problems at hand. Get to the root of your problem then research and learn how to correct the behaviors or where they may come from.

If you are depressed, research things that you can do to help you cope with the sadness and depression. If you are looking to lose weight, you’d want to educate yourself on your body type and maybe research diets. A bored mind is a dangerous mind. Put your brain to work and see what you can come up with.

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Comfort Zone

Get. Out. Of. It. Point, blank, period. Change is a good thing. Change can mean that we are changing into something better than we ever thought possible.

Your comfort zone can breed negative thoughts because that is what you are used to. Try doing something that you normally wouldn’t do, with an open heart and open mind.

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Find some inspiration in other people who may have gone through some of the same things you have been through. Look for famous people, people of history, or young people who have found a way to make things better for themselves.

Inspiration can come in all shapes and sizes. You just need to feel inspired from who you are looking at. Research them, find out things about them, read a book they like or read the book they wrote.

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Do not be afraid to be afraid. Being scared is a natural response to things that we don’t know or understand. Embrace the challenge of being scared.

Typically, you’ll find that what you’re scared of isn’t really all that scary after you have tried it. I promise you, you’ll feel alive and powerful when you step out and try the things that scare you.

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When you truly believe that you are the best that you can be, then you are. When you believe the attempt to change is worth it, then it is.

A strong will, mind and heart are required to believe in yourself. Make sure that you are focusing on yourself and believing in your steps to greatness.


Simple things to build yourself up

You need to really know yourself. Ask yourself question, build a true understanding of who you are. You should know what your convictions are and why they are that way.

You should try to be more positive with your thoughts. Instead of reacting negatively to things that may happen, try to focus on the good in the situation.

Challenge yourself with new obstacles. Learn something new, pick up a new habit. Don’t allow yourself to be bored and feel down. When you are constructive, your mind is busy, and it is forming a positive attitude as well.

Try to remember that your reaction isn’t just pointed outwards. Your reaction will stay in your body and if it is a negative reaction it will stay on your mind. Try to keep your attitude in check by making reasonable reactions to situations that may arise.

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Seriously take a long look at yourself in the mirror. I mean this in a literal way. Really look at the lines on your face, your eyebrows and how they jump up when you’re intrigued. Look at your lips, nose and ears. Look at your body and how you may have freckles or blemishes. Get to know your body, fall in love with your body.

Wear things that you want to wear but may not have the confidence for. Even if you just start wearing them in the house only. It is a start, you will become more comfortable with yourself and then potentially be able to wear it in public one day.

Be grateful for the things that you have. Looking at yourself in the mirror, you should now be able to be grateful for your body. You should see the positive in your body. Don’t look at negatives.

Do not, and I repeat, do not look for the validation of others. No one else needs to tell you that you are beautiful. We must come to that conclusion on our own. In order to believe it when someone else says it, we must truly think the same thing.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so if you are looking for validation from someone else, they may not see the same thing that you see. Never hold someone else accountable for how you feel about yourself. Never allow someone else to determine your self-worth.

Surround yourself with the people who believe in you and your ability to make a positive change. Those people can be your support system for days when you don’t know how to react to the world. Their love for you is not to be confused with validation. Please remember that a true friend will tell you the truth, no matter how harsh it may feel.

Final Thought

Please, remember to believe in yourself and your ability to prosper as a person. Remember your own worth and create something that you are proud of.

Make the effort to build yourself up the top priority in your life. How you build yourself will show others how to build themselves. You will help others and not even realize the impact you are having on those around you.

Most importantly, please remember that you are beautiful. You are a proud person who holds their head high. You can tackle any obstacle in your path. You are creative and smart. You are talented and respected. Remember who you are, and strive to be who you want to be.





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